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Click on video below to see a preview of our Mini Dances for Online Cardio Workouts

Events in Motion is a dance and fitness company that opened in 1994. For many years we managed studios in which we taught dance and fitness classes. We also directed several hundred successful professional dance performances for commercial events and numerous dance teams for sports events.
We are now offering cardio workouts online in many dance styles for both trained and untrained dancers.  



Events in Motion is adding dance workout videos for a fun way to get into great shape. These are routines choreographed as mini dances and are not designed to specifically follow aerobic principals. These are fun creative mini dance routines for a variety of interesting workouts.  These should bring out the dancer in you. Some videos will not require any technical dance training to perform and others will require some prior technical dance training.


Styles include samba, hip hop, jazz, country, bollywood, contemporary, reggaeton, salsa, pop, ballet, pro style, merengue and more at various levels of difficulty.  

Free sample videos of the mini dances are available below. If you want to view and workout to additional dances videos you can sign up below as well.  Note that videos are choreographed with a small home studio in mind or a space without furniture or other obstacles. Videos are choreographed for individual use. 

Routines are taught in the "Instructional Videos." Routines are run in the matching "Lead Videos."  Videos are intensionally short to offer a quick cardio workout. For longer workouts you can do each video multiple times or choose from a variety of videos or choose our "Longer Versions" option. It helps to learn the routine well so you can run it with full execution to get the best cardio results. Modify intensity to what is best for you. Be sure and get water/drink between videos to stay hydrated during your workouts.  

As with all dance and exercise programs, when using our videos, you need to use common sense. To reduce and avoid injury, you will want to check with your doctor before beginning any dance/fitness program. By performing any dance/fitness exercises, you are performing them at your own risk.,, Events in Motion will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of our dance/fitness program, dance/fitness live presentations/workshops, online dance/fitness videos, or information shared on our websites. This includes emails, videos and text. Thanks for your understanding.

 $5.00 per month Membership to view all videos.

Cancel at anytime.

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We currently have more than 40 originally choreographed dance cardio videos. to request mOre styles click here.  
$5.00 per month Membership to view all videos. Cancel at anytime.
Click here to sign uP 


“Events in Motion" has come up with simple, easy-to-follow choreography that is slightly challenging but puts the joy back in movement. It’s great for those with prior dance background who haven’t “moved” in a long time and want to rediscover the pleasure of dance.”


"I really do think it's an awesome thing to do these videos! I love how they're all different and easy to follow along. Love the jazz one and they all look so much fun!"


I am sweating!!!!!!! Seriously,  these videos are amazing!!!!! Your instructional videos are very thorough and not confusing and the angle is perfect! 


Great workout! Easy to follow! Tons of fun! I can’t wait to do more!


"I never thought a cardio workout could be so much fun.   Even someone like me, who freely admits not being terribly coordinated, can do this.  It's a total blast.  Thanks for the videos!"


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